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RSI’s business is focused in the following strategic areas of competency:

Contract Placement Positions

In need of a qualified technical and managerial professional, but not forever?  RSI offers contract placement.  Hire the perfect fit for a week, a month or a year.  RSI can find the professional to fit your temporary job requirements. 

The qualifications of our professional contracting staff are based on the same criteria used in selecting permanent personnel for out clients.  An added benefit of using RSI to provide these temporary services is that should you decide that you would like to retain our consultant on a permanent employment basis, we will accommodate you via our “Right to Hire Policy”.  This policy, which includes a reduced fee schedule, allows you to evaluate an individual before making any final full time hiring decisions. 

RSI’s consultants are capable of supporting all phases of your project from the initial analysis and design through coding, testing, implementation, documentation, project management and on going support. 

Permanent Placement Positions

RSI realizes there is more to selecting an individual than just the matching of skill sets to the technical requirements of the position.  Like each individual, every organization has its distinct personality.  For someone to be satisfied and productive in their position, the chemistry has to be a good fit for both the employee and the company.  When RSI accepts an assignment, we personally screen each candidate, ensuring there is a match of both skills and personality.  RSI’s search team is here to meet your needs when confidently, selectively, and sensitivity are your prerequisites.  We will screen, interview and check references on all candidates prior to submitting resumes for your consideration. 

RSI provides fee schedules that are fair and equitable to all parties.  Talk to us.  Let us assist you in streamlining your recruiting process by implementing RSI’s staffing solutions. 

RSI will save you time and, more importantly, we will save you money.  We understand our client’s needs.  Such an understanding helps us to provide the highest level of service with results that meet and exceed requirements.


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