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Recruitment Process


In order to provide you with the most qualified candidates for your Consulting and Fulltime IT needs, RSI utilizes both internal and external recruiting resources. Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify the finest candidates available through a comprehensive, five-step recruiting process.

Step 1:

Forecast ascertains that we have a vision of our clients' future staffing requirements. Our Account Executives work closely with their clients to identify future needs, which in turn enables our recruiters to create a candidate pipeline specifically for that client.

Step 2:

Identify ensures that RSI has a thorough understanding of our clients' needs. During this stage, we review the requirements for the new position, ensuring our clients are getting the talent they need and expect.

Step 3:

Sourcing identifies the potential resource pool of candidates needed to fill both current and future needs. Our recruiters focus solely on finding quality IT talent, using a variety of sources including 1) referrals from employees, and candidates, 2) our applicant tracking database of over 200,000 active applicants, 3) internet job boards, 5) networking and 6) cold calling.

Step 4:

Mutual qualification ensures that only quality candidates are considered. We screen for knowledge and experience, the best fit for the position, long-term retention potential and other factors.  Our representatives talk openly with job applicants to determine their aspirations and expectations and ascertain they can be met.  Once we receive a request, the potential candidate is matched to that request by technical skill sets, application experience, salary requirements, availability, and communication skills. 

Step 5:

Closing is the final stage in RSI's recruiting process and completes the hiring process. If we've done the first four steps properly, this step is simple and fast - because, in a competitive job market, speed is critical to securing the best talent available.


A key to our success is the strategy we apply to identifying IT professionals and then maintaining long-term relationships to build our resource network. We have perfected our recruiting techniques to provide access to talented, hardworking, and resourceful technology professionals. And we’re able to focus on the skills in highest demand by engaging in thorough online profiling and Internet-based push technology to capture active and passive job seekers.


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